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Complete Done For You Proprietary Marketing Solution that grows your property management doors.

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Done For You Marketing

We manage every aspect of an outbound marketing effort with full transparency with the most advanced marketing technology available. Our proprietary system allows us to Generate Leads of landlords of single family homes local to your market at a fraction of the costs of other Paid Advertising.

We handle almost every component of your marketing outreach to generate leads including:
  • Paid Advertising Strategy
  • Audience Building
  • Call / Form Tracking
  • SEO Strategy & Content
  • Website Optimization
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing / Lead CRM Systems
  • Lead CRM Management
  • Marketing Automation

We Generate Owner Leads for Property Managers

Marketing with Results

Our Proprietary outreach marketing campaigns are based on results. Our clients judge us by count of qualified leads and door growth, not by website visits or google ads conversions.

Lead Generation

We create owner leads that convert through our proprietary outreach marketing.

End2End Provider

We have our own technology and strategies that we execute for your company. We handled every aspect of the marketing machine to develop and nurture owner leads

Market Exclusivity

We only service 1 client per area to ensure our unique marketing approach has the highest effect possible. This means our marketing efforts are much more powerful for our exclusive clients.

Personal Coaching

We aim for your success by offering valuable insights to enhance your brand, pricing, website, content, and lead nurturing. With Benton Cotter, an industry leader in property management, applying his extensive experience and proven formulas, your company gains a competitive edge.

Growth Strategy

With our personal coaching we do an overall audit of your growth strategy and recommend proven tactics to help grow your business.

Monthly Reports

We provide clean and simple monthly reports based on qualified leads and door growth. All charts and reports are focused on those two metrics

Proprietary Marketing

We use a proprietary approach to marketing that has been developed by Benton Cotter over the last 15 years. He has grown four different property management companies of his own while perfecting the ultimate marketing system. This unique approach is made possible by the converging of technologies and innovations of the past few years.
  • A.I. Automation and Segmentation
  • Proprietary Audience Builder
  • Omni Outreach Channels
PM UP Proprietary System

How It Works

Once you onboard it can take 90+ days to fully see what our system can do.

Ramp UP

Within 7 days of onboarding
Build audiences, ads, landing pages, content, and Marketing Strategy. Start ramping up outbound channels.

UPgrade your systems

Within 30 days
After we ramp up your marketing strategy we need to ensure your systems are integrated into our automated systems. We integrate into your website and your lead gen CRM.

UP Your Leads

Start at 30 days
After we ramp up your marketing strategy we start executing the outbound channels to generate qualified owner leads.

UPscale and ReMarket

30-90 days
As traction builds we will scale up the outbound motion and incorporate a Proprietary Remarketing mechanism with boasts performance by 40-50%.

Quality Check & UPside

90+ days
Once the machine is fully launched we continiously make adjustments through our AI systems to better understand your leads and conversions. we continually learn and get better and you reap the upside as more leads will continue to flow into your business for the same flat rate price.

Guaranteed Results

We want this to be a no brainer so we offer a full refund policy

90 Day Satisfcation

You can cancel our services within the first 90 days for a full refund of your monthly service fees. No questions asked. Our goal is your companies successful growth and happiness.

No Leads No Fees

No long term commitments. Cancel anytime. We believe our results will speak for themselves so we offer a month to month term. You keep all the leads and we walk away friends.


Done For You Marketing

Complete Marketing Package to Generate Owner Leads

Platinum Lead Generation

All-in Costs including ad costs, software, content, etc.  Simple flat rate for lead generation.
What's included
  • Market Exclusivity
  • Proprietary Outbound System
  • SEO Strategy / Content
  • Cancel Anytime
Pay One Simple Fee

$2500 /mo

Marketing Coaching

Want to implement the marketing yourself but need some guidance? We offer marketing coaching through Benton Cotter.

Marketing Coaching

We Provide high level strategy about your marketing, technology, growth, and branding. You execute those strategies. 
What's included
  • Bootcamp Marketing
  • Personal 1:1 Coaching
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Proven Techniques
Pay One Simple Fee

$1000 /mo

About Us

CEO | 1:1 Coach

Benton Cotter

Benton has a technology background and a degree in Computer Science Engineering. This expertise in technology has positively contributed to every aspect of his real estate management and investing career. He has spent the last 14 years specifically growing and advancing residential property management and has worked for powerhouse companies including Godaddy where he learned the fundamental structures of a successful company. He also was raised in a real estate family and obtained his agent license at an early age.

Benton was an intricate part in successfully growing three separate property management companies using his technology background, operational expertise, marketing vision, and execution. He helped RentVest, as CEO and co-founder, establish itself as a technological, operational, and customer service leader in the industry while growing it to 4,000 SFH doors under management in less than 3 years. He had an intricate part in merging Rentvest into Mynd Management and eventually continuing on to lead the Portfolio Management and Maintenance divisions at Mynd Management.

Top Executive

Leadership of two Nationwide management companies with more than 12,000 managed doors. Oversaw Marketing, Tech, Operations, and Growth. Has exited his companies and wants to help other owners grow their business.

Experienced Marketer

Managed more than $200,000 per month Advertising budget. His companies have generated over 10,000 owner leads and signed up more than 5,000 new owners

Tech Passion

He believes tech plays a big role in helping teams market to and nurture owner leads. He has a Computer Science degree and has built his own marketing automation software.

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Done For You Marketing

Platinum Lead Generation

All-in Costs including ad spend, software, content, etc.  Simple flat rate for lead generation.
What's included
  • SEO
  • Outbound Outreach
  • Ad Spend Included
  • Marketing Coaching
Pay One Simple Fee

$2500 /mo